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Montbrun-les-Bains is a small medieval village located at the confluence between the two torrents Anary and Toulorenc. It is classified as one of the 100 most beautiful small villages of France. It is located at the feet of the ruins of the Dupuy-Montbrun castle and it lines the Place du Beffroi and the streets of Bourgade and Nôtre-Dame. The Beffroi, the embattled tower with trapdoors, vaulted passages and round arches, constitutes the centre of the village. There is also a monumental fountain- wash-house on the small central square. The church of Notre-Dame is mentioned in documents of year 1308 as a Benedictine priory subordinate to the abbey of St-André de Villeneuve-les-Avignon. It was destroyed during the religious wars because it had been transformed into a protestant church. Protestantism was strong in this region which had previously adhered to the Waldensian heresy. The church, rebuilt in the XVII century, still preserves a retable dating back to the XVII-XVIII centuries. Every Sunday morning a Provencal market is held in Montbrun. The sulphur waters of its spas have been renowned since the XVI century and the village is nowadays endowed with a modern wellness farm.