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The gorges and the Cirque des Navacelles

The gorges and the Cirque des Navacelles can be seen from the Blandas viewpoint. The Cirque des Navacelles is a dead meander of the river where the homonymous village is located, on the hill in the middle of a 285 m deep circular depression. The empty river bed is cultivated with grass and overlooked by the steep walls of the gorge. A waterfall indicates the place where the river broke the meander’s peduncle about 6000 years ago.

The village of Navacelles is charming and is completely built in stone. The name, which originally was Nova Cella, underlines its monastic origins. Navacelles was mentioned for the first time at the beginning of the XI century as property of the Gellone abbey of St-Guilhem-le-Désert.