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14 - From Montfroc to Montbrun les Bains

Start node info Montfroc
End node info Montbrun les Bains
Total length 28.8 km

orange marks of the equestrian path. There are no marks for part of the way.

Walking time

Banon Sault 3240 OT, IGN, France.

Hours of walk: 7.30
Rise: 950 m
Drop: 1200 m
Difficulty level: demanding (quite difficult)Food and accommodation

-In Montbrun-les-Bains:

Gîte d’êtape La Villette
Located 3 kilometers on the west of the historical centre and accommodates 23 guests. There is a stable for horses. Tel. +33 (0)4 75 28 82 09,

Office du turisme
Many other options for food and accommodation can be found in hotels, chambres d’hôtes and restaurants


Thermes de Montbrun-les-Bains
Route de Ferrassières, tel. +33 (0)4 75 28 80 75,; the thermal baths are open from the end of March to the beginning of November


From the gîte d’êtape hostel, a bridle way leads to the west, going down to Les Michelets. You then reach the D 946 and followed it for a short distance in the direction of Les Omergues, to then take the first country road on the left and reach the houses of Les Chantrons and then Les Hugues (m 872). The route rises from this point up to the crest of the Montagne de Lure through a winding forested track, to the Pas de Redortier (m 1214). From the pass you walk along the windy and scenic crest over the Jabron valley on one side, to the rural landscape of the Plateatu de Vaucluse and on the Mont Ventoux on the other side. You reach the Pas de la Croix (1323 m) through a path which is all ups and downs. Beyond the hill and before the peak of Le Jambard (1413 m), the highest point of this itinerary, the ruins of many crofts can be found. Further on past the top of Le Jambard, the bridleway descends and crosses the D 18 for Séderon and it proceeds through a rural environment, with cultivated fields or fenced off ones for grazing. The route then goes up to the Col des Sires (1284 m) and it crosses the undulating plateau of the Montagne d’Albion by an unpaved road which is followed until it converges with the D 63 road leading to Barret-de-Lioure (931 m) with few cuts possible until the destination. A little path near the village church leads to the group of houses of Le Terron, where you continue along a track leading to the D542 road in the locality of Le Moulin, to be followed up to Montbrun-les-Bains.