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38 - From Fraïsse-sur-Agôut to Prémian

Start node info Fraïsse-sur-Agôut
End node info Prémian
Total length 22.1 km

white-red marks of the GR 71; from Col de Fontfroide GR 7; from Saut de Vezoles GR 77.

Walking time

Monts de Lacaune 2443 ET and Somail Minervois 2444 ET, IGN, France

Hours of walk: 6
Rise: 550 m
Drop: 1100 m
Difficulty level: demanding (quite difficult).Fod and accommodation

-In Prémian:

Gîte communal e camping Les Terrasses du Jaur
Beyond the bridge on the Jaur, accommod guests’ disposal, open all year round, tel. 33 (0)4 67 97 06 40.

Bar restaurant L'Esclops
On the Grand Rue along the river, on the West of the town, tel. 33 (0)4 67 97 18 19.

Other options for food and accommodation can be found in town. Mairie de Prémian, tel. 33 (0)4 67 97 06 40.


The GR 71 track goes across the bridge on the Agôut to the east of the village and it goes through the valley of the river d’Escandes on the left mountain side, through a nice rural area. At the Col de Fontfroide it meets the D 14 and from here the GR 7 is to be followed by walking across the state forest of Somail, characterised by both reforested lands and areas where there is frequent tree felling, where trunks are cleverly lined up ready for transportation. You follows some panels and trail marks that help to find the way through a confusing network of forest tracks, until it reaches the lake of Vezoles and the dike (m 965). The dike is to be walked down to see Saut de Vezoles. The track goes steeply down to the gorge until it meets the river of Bureau and a nice paved track reaches Langlade (m 465). The track goes up again through the scrub, beyond the power station where the lake’s penstock arrives. It meets the trail going around the hill of Le Brugas and it then twists steeply down to Prémian.