62 - From St-Béat to Bossòst

62 - From St-Béat to Bossòst

Gps Track

Gps Track

  • Start: St-Béat
  • Arrival: Bossòst
  • Total Length: 20,2 km
  • Difficulty by Foot: Medium
  • Signals: yellow marks, then white-red ones of the GR 10, then yellow marks, then white-red marks of the GR 211 from Pontaut – map: St-Bertrand-de-Comminges, 1847 OT, IGN, France e cartoguida Val d’Aran, Editorial Alpina

Hours of walk: 5,30
Altitude gain: 650 m
Altitude loss: 450 m


From the old town of St-Béat, the route continues by following Rue du Faubourg, parallel to the busier N 125. You take the road La Rouère on the right, walking along the steep side of the Montagne de Rié (m 1129), until Ladivert (m 538). After the hamlet, you proceed along an asphalted road until Meliande, where the holiday resort Domaine de Meliande can be found by turning left. But the route instead continues to the right until the end of the road to follow a path leading close to the mountain. By keeping the left, a track to Arlos can be found. From the hamlet, you follow the paved track next to the mountain, through meadows and woods. You follow the GR 10 trail marks in the wood on the hillside along the valley floor. You then walk along the bank of a shunt channel of a power station and then meet a big excavation for the construction of a new ring road. You walk on the track in the scrub on the hillside, parallel to the course of the Garonne, until the dyke. The 2008 route through the Occitan valleys crossed the bridge on the dyke to follow the N 125 road. Nevertheless, on the left mountain side next to the dyke, a route is marked in orange, labelled as exposed and supplied with fixed ropes. This route ends on the national road next to the Pont du Roi. The border on the N 125 (N-230 in Spain) is to be crossed and followed until the Pònt dera Lana, where you pass on the right mountain side of the Garonne, walking along the road crossing an open rural area with pastures and horse fences, until Les. The walk continues on the right mountain side, initially on an asphalted road and then on a dirt path after the hydroelectric plant of Cledes. The route enters the village of Bossòst on the road Carrer de Sant Jaime. The bridge is to be crossed to reach the old town.

Food and accommodation

-In Bossòst:

Hotel Batalla
Urb. Solei dera Val, s/n, 16 rooms, meal service, tel. 34 973 648199.
Other options for food and accommodation can be found in Bossòst.

Oficina de torisme de Bossòst
Eth Grauèr s/n, tel. 34 973 647279.



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