61 - From Juzet-d'Izaut to St-Béat

Hours of walk: 4,30
Altitude gain: 950 m
Altitude loss: 1050 m
Difficulty level: demanding (quite difficult).  […]

62 - From St-Béat to Bossòst

Hours of walk: 5,30
Altitude gain: 650 m
Altitude loss: 450 m
Difficulty level: medium […]

63 - From Bossòst to Vielha

Hours of walk: 4
Altitude gain: 450 m
Altitude loss: 200 m
Difficulty level: easy

Leg 08 - Colico - Sorico

Elevation gain: 60 m
Elevation loss: 50 m

Then we turn left and continue along the fields until we reach the street that leads to the Fort Fuentes (200 m, 17.2 km). Our route bends to the left on via Adda and leads to the bicycle path that runs parallel to the Adda river; we climb the bridge on the right (trail marker) and follow the SS 36 for a few metres, then get off and head left towards the natural reserve of Pian di Spagna. We walk along the river bank or on the road – which turns into a dirt path – and pass by a construction site. Here we turn right (200 m, 20 km) and follow the Percorso Naturalistico Sud (trail markers) to the Adda Fort (200 m, 22.7 km) where we come out on the road, which, with a left turn, reaches Ponte del Passo and its bridge across the Mera river (205 m, 23.3 km). We continue on the Nuovi Orizzonti bicycle and pedestrian path to piazza Cesare Battisti in Sorico.
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