Walden Viaggi a piedi adopts the “Occitània a Pè”

Walden viaggi a piedi is a cooperative company that promotes responsible and sustainable tourism and organizes on foot travels in Tuscany, Italy, Europe, Mediterranean Sea, and in Africa and Asia as well. We are partners of AITR (Italian Association for responsible tourism) and we work to develop a tourism based on the principles of social and economic justice and on the meeting of local communities and travelers.

Thanks to our proposals you can discover beauty little by little, with no hurry, because walking is wellness and invites you to comparison, sharing and true contact among persons. Usually we walk in small groups in order to share travel experience and to know the culture and traditions by meeting local people.

We offer you high-quality travels, with professional and caring guides, transparent prices guaranteed by the travel contract and by the technical organization of the Tour Operator Viaggi Solidali, our partner in Responsible Tourism.

For our commitment in this sector, Walden won in 2013 the prize Green Travel Awards, assigned by the Gruppo Italiano Stampa Turistica (Italian Group for tourists press) for responsible and sustainable tourism excellence in the category Tour Operator / Travel Organizers.

We are inventors and promoters of the Social Trekking movement, which is a laboratory of conviviality, lifestyles and economic alternatives, a place for dreams and advancements for a better and more sustainable society, because “walking together is becoming a social action that can change the world”.

Strengthened by this experience and by the desire to promote multiculturalism and international initiatives, Walden viaggi has adopted with enthusiasm the itinerary “Occitania a Pè, dalle Valli occitane alla Val d’Aran” which will be proposed in the following years in close collaboration between Walden and the association Chambra d’Oc.

With the sustain of several associations supporting Occitanian culture on the territory and thanks to the men and women of Chambra d’Oc, Walden will propose each year different itineraries, organized as real holiday packages, which will gradually allow to discover the natural beauties of Occitania, to meet new people by walking, dancing and singing in such a veritable “social trekking”.

In 2015 Walden Viaggi is going to propose the first two itineraries of Occitània a Pè:

1 itinerary, August 21th to 30th: from Vinadio to Sisteron

2 itinerary, September 19th to 27th: from Sisteron to Point La Romaine

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