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The Gorges de Galamus

The stream Agly dug a narrow gorge in the limestone and dolomites dating back from the Lower Jurassic to the lower Cretaceous (between 205 and 108 million years ago). The two sides look very different because of their different exposure: one has sparse Mediterranean scrub, the other is characterised by deciduous trees. There is the hermitage of St-Antoine on the rocky face, next to the tunnel of the departmental road; it was built on the rocks and partially dug into the cave. The small church dates back to the XVIII century, but the existence of the hermitage was attested in the VII century. Some specimens of Phoenician juniper (Juniperus pheonicea) have grown by clinging on to the rocks for centuries. A pedestrian track goes down to the gorge and goes up again to the hermitage from the parking space.