The Occitània a pè walk of 2008

In July 2008, on a clear and cool morning, a group of about a hundred people gathered on the church square of Vinadio, in the Stura valley in the province of Cuneo, started walking towards the ridge between Italy and France. It was the first stage of a 70 days journey (63 stages and a few days of rest) throughout the south of France. The final destination was Vielha, Val d'Aran, Catalonia, Spain. The journey was organized by Chambra d’Òc, with the cooperation of all the pro-Occitanian organizations active in the area, as well as with the help of the Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre […]

Walden Viaggi a piedi adopts the "Occitània a Pè"

Walden viaggi a piedi is a cooperative company that promotes responsible and sustainable tourism and organizes on foot travels in Tuscany, Italy, Europe, Mediterranean Sea, and in Africa and Asia as well. We are partners of AITR (Italian Association for responsible tourism) and we work to develop a tourism based on the principles of social and economic justice and on the meeting of local communities and travelers.

Thanks to our proposals you can discover beauty little by little, with no hurry, because walking is wellness and invites you to comparison, sharing and true contact among persons. Usually we walk in small groups in order to share travel experience and to know the culture and traditions by meeting local people. […]

Crossing the alps

From Vinadio to Sisteron, into the wild heart of Occitania

206 kM 11 days

It takes 11 days to cross the Alps and to realize how many different landscapes interpose between our congested valley floors, between one town and another, and between plains. This particular itinerary crosses many alpine valleys. Starting with the Italian Stura valley, an important transit way between France and Italy from time immemorial, via the Col of Maddalena or the Col de Larches with, the Ubaye valley; and then the valley of Tinée and of Verdon. […]

Provence and Mont Ventoux

From Sisteron to Pont-St-Esprit, in the land of the Mistral

189,5 km 9 days

The Alps gently slope down to become the Pre-alps. You cross the southern reliefs of the massif of the Baronnies: the Montagne de Lure and Mont Ventoux. The alpine forests are quitted for very different environments, from barren pastures eroded by ravines to oak woods and to the gorgeous forests of Aleppo pines of Mont Ventoux. All the paths are easy, their difference in altitude and levels of difficulty being much simpler than the alpine ones. […]

Ardèche and Cévennes

From Pont St Esprit to Le Vigan, a watershed between two worlds

236 Km 11 days

The landscape of the Cevennes is one of vast horizons and clear blue skies with white clouds dotting meadowlands with their sharp shadows. These are the airy spaces of the Cevennes, which can be reached through aerial passages along the gorges of Ardèche and Chassezac, the last bastion of the Midi at the feet of the Massif Central. […]

The causses, the Larzac and the Minervois

From Le Vigan to Carcassonne, walking on the languedoc garrigues 

272 KM 11 days

There are places in the Languedoc area where water is a real treasure. Water is rare where the garrigue, produced by sheep flocks that have been grazing in those lands for thousands of years, covers the chalky uplands with their sparse and spiny mantles, rich in Mediterranean odours, and where the only audible noise is the blowing of the wind. […]

The languedoc of the cathars

From Carcassonne to Foix, walking across the calcareous plateaux of the corbieres

256,5 KM 13 days

The walk goes on once again among vineyards, through the chalky uplands of the Corbières, sun-drenched, dry lands. The landscape, however, changes continuously; among shaded forest tracks and country routes snaking on the high uplands, the mountain breeze blows from the Pyrenees, which are so close now that their snowy peaks can be seen. […]

The Pyrenees, Gascony and the Val d'Aran

From Foix to Vielha, cimbing up the garonne valley

162 KM 8 days

This last stretch is characterised by box hedges and holly bushes, magnificent beech groves and pastures which can be considered more than “alpine”. As a matter of fact the snowy crests on the horizon are the Pyrenees, reaching an altitude of 3,404 m with the Pic de Aneto; these mountains hit the headlines in relation to the Tour de France hill climbs, and, among them, the well-known Col de Portet d'Aspet is the destination. […]

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